Slow Down

microphone - public domainI’ve been listening to a lot of audio tracks for instructional use lately and I’ve noticed that so many of them are way too fast.  I know that the speaker is trying to stay light and conversational in their tone but speaking too fast makes it hard for learners to process what is being said.  Take a breath, speak slowly and clearly.  This doesn’t have to be a monotone.  Stay bright and enthusiastic and vary the tone as appropriate

Don’t forget to pause for effect.  This is a good way to emphasize that what was just said is important.  Let it sink in for the learner.  Let them process the significance of what has been said.  Just for a second or two.

Slowing down can also help when using voice over scripts.  It is too easy to get tongue tied and have to start over when speaking too fast.  Slowing down can also boost clarity which always improves an instructional voice over.

Please… slow down when recording audio and you will be amazed at the results.