Recording Live Presentations With Open Source Tools

The world can use good information on open source tools for creating learning content. Antoine Thomas (@ttione) has a great three piece series at that covers how to record or live stream speakers at presentations. Antoine gives lots of practical advice about his real world experiences. The series is not Linux specific.

Part 1 describes the hardware needed to capture audio and video at the venue as well as the preparation needed. The nice thing about these articles are they include checklists of things beyond the technical including communicating with speakers and organizers. On the technical side there is a good run down of all equipment including adapters and batteries!

Part 2 is about software to use. It is especially useful that the software, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Inkscape are both available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Antoine continues his real world step by step methodology with how to create a display mask using Inkscape and how to setup and operate OBS to capture the live stream or recording to Youtube or Vimeo.

Part 3 covers recording advice and real world troubleshooting based on his experience with recording at EclipseCon France.

This is an excellent series that avoids the huge leaps we discussed in Mind the (learning) gap