Mobile Learning Reality Check

During a #GuildChat a while back Kristen HaydenSafdie (@KristenLearning) made what I think is an insightful point about where people consume learning content. Where we consume different types of content gets lost in the discussion.

What I mostly do is software training so my content would be consumed on a computer where the software I train is. If that is my audience, does it make sense to create mobile learning for them? Jumping between applications to view content then try it out on the computer makes sense.  Finding room on a desktop or balancing a phone or tablet can be awkward when you want to look back and forth between that and a computer screen.

That said there is a role for mobile learning in software training. I might want to catch a short tip or trick while waiting for the bus. Catching a quick tip seems custom made for video while training tablet applications on a tablet would allow more involved content that the user switches between.

I think you can see where I’m going with this. I would need to think through the different use cases of the learning and design content to meet that. It could be a fully responsive e-learning module that adjusts the content for the different screens or maybe completely different modules for each format.  What I show in video micro-lessons could be very different from on tablet application training.

Something to consider as I develop my e-learning content to be sure.