Mind the (learning) gap 2

In the original Mind the (learning) gap post, I discussed how it seemed that online tutorials often skip steps.  This is frustrating to me as it makes things appear to be simple but you end up struggling to make it work.  I’ve noticed that there is a type of online post that tells you that in order to be effective in area X you must do Y number of things.  Like the tutorials, these posts are very high level and fail to show any implementation steps.  Once again you are left trying to figure out what to do.

That is one thing that I want to fix on this site.  I intend to fill in the gaps and show you how to actually do the things the “5 Things You Must Do” posts want you to do.  Because some of those things to do are actually very involved I may not tell you everything that you need to complete the list of things to do but I will implement an entire task.  In the end I hope that this will help you to produce better online learning.