Project Background

The Datix project was part of a roll out of an event and feedback software application intended to standardize reporting of incidents in a healthcare enterprise.  It consisted of four modules, two for Events (Reporters and Investigators) and two for Feedback (Reporters and Investigators). The module here is for Feedback Reporters.

These modules were created using Captivate 2017, Illustrator CC and Audition CC.

Course Features 

Approachable Style

The project used a more approachable styling than the usual software training to reduce stress on end users who may not use reporting software on a regular basis.

Maximum navigation flexibility was built in so users could consume the content as they wished.

Learning Objectives

We needed to ease the concerns of the users about what was contained in each module because users had such different legacy workflows for reporting feedback and events. 

This was done in a manner to avoid the bullet point look with a natural conversational tone rather than a formal reading.

Critical Information

It was critical that users who may be reporting sensitive information that they might wish do do anonymously know that they could still do that using the new application.

To ensure that those who wished to note the hotline phone number could do so easily, a red button was added to the slide to stop progress. This way the user would make a conscious decision to proceed when they felt they had all the information they needed.

Course Completion

The ability to either retake the course or close it and get credit is fully under the control of the learner.

The Get Credit button contains several methods of completing the course and sending SCORM information to the LMS. This approach came out of issues with the reliability of course completions across multiple regions of the country.